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Wyoming Hunting License

Wyoming hunting licenses are required to hunt the diverse wildlife of birds and mammals present in the state. A Wyoming license to hunt must be obtained by resident and visiting hunting enthusiasts interested in harvesting game before each season commences. To qualify for a hunting license, both resident and non-resident applicants are required to earn a hunter education certificate. The course is meant to help introduce novice and experienced hunters alike to universally practiced hunter safety techniques. For decades, the mandatory institution of hunter safety courses has contributed to a sharp decline in the number of hunting-related accidents and fatalities. Official hunter education certificates are accepted from all 50 states as well as Canada and Mexico, whereby making it possible for non-resident hunters to apply for a WY license to hunt. In turn, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (GFD) hunter education certificate is recognized everywhere in North America. The GFD offers many different kinds of licenses and permits that are issued according to the type of bird or animal hunted, the type of weapon being used as well as the age and residential status of the applicant. Additionally, hunting licenses are issued based upon disability and veteran status, where applicable. In case your hunting license document is lost or damaged, you can easily obtain a duplicate hunting license through a variety of different channels. In most instances, non-resident hunting license applicants have the same privileges as resident applicants. The major differentiating factor is the cost of licensure. Non-resident applicants are charged a higher fee than their resident counterparts. For more information, consider the sections below:

  • Who can get Wyoming hunting licenses
  • Types of hunting licenses in Wyoming
  • How to buy hunting licenses in Wyoming
  • Hunter education in Wyoming
  • Replacing Wyoming hunting licenses


Who can get a hunting license in Wyoming?

Wyoming hunting licenses must be obtained by any individual seeking to take game in the state, regardless of age or residential status. To get hunting licenses in the state, proof of having completed a nationally recognized hunter education course must be furnished, along with the appropriate license fees. Disabled hunters can apply for a license to hunt at no charge. Additionally, active-duty military members who are residents of Wyoming can enjoy free small game/bird licenses and general elk and deer hunting licenses at no cost. Hunters must have an up-to-date credential on their person at all times while hunting.

What are the hunting licenses available in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, hunting licenses are mainly divided on the basis of the animal or bird that is being hunted. There are also other miscellaneous licenses to hunt and trap. Licenses are available to both residents and nonresidents, as well as landowners. Based on the bird or animal hunted, the following licenses are available in WY:

  • Big game hunting licenses (black bear, deer, elk, etc.)
  • Game bird hunting licenses
  • Small game hunting licenses

Other miscellaneous hunting licenses in WY include:

  • Trapping licenses.
  • Commercial hunting licenses.
  • Lifetime hunting licenses.
  • Disabled hunter licenses.

Individuals who have been residents of Wyoming for at least 10 years prior to application qualify for a lifetime hunting license. Residents with disabilities can enjoy a class of hunting license that is of no cost to them.

How can I get a Wyoming hunting license?

If you would like to obtain a WY license to hunt, you must first determine the type that best suits your needs. Some licenses can be immediately bought, while for some, you must first submit an application. Applicants may buy hunting licenses in Wyoming either online or in person. In-person applicants may get a hunting license at a GFD office or at any authorized license agent. Agents are located in many local retail establishments that are convenient to most applicants. Many licenses require you to first purchase a Wyoming Conservation Stamp.

The online method is intended to both submit applications for hunting licenses based on drawings and to buy hunting licenses. Before initiating the application process, be sure to know the exact type of hunting license for which you are applying. Also, have a credit card at hand to pay the license and processing fees. You will be asked to enter some personal information in order to complete the application. Some ready-to-buy licenses can be printed and used as a valid hunting credential, while others will be sent to you by mail. You can also choose to buy an individual or a group WY license to hunt.

To buy your license to hunt in person, visit an authorized license agent or retailer.

Am I required to take any hunting classes to be eligible for a Wyoming hunting license purchase?

Wyoming hunting license applicants born on or after January 1, 1966 are required to take a hunter education course through the GFD. The Wyoming Hunter Education Program runs between 12 and 18 hours of classroom instruction. Additionally, you can take the hunter education course online. Topics discussed in hunter education courses include: hunting ethics and how to hunt responsibly, wildlife conservation and management, firearm safety, game and fish regulations, game and fish care and identification, and outdoor safety.

How do I replace Wyoming hunting licenses?

To replace hunting licenses in Wyoming, you must purchase a duplicate hunting license. Where to get a hunting license duplicate will depend on the type of license that needs to be replaced. Big game hunting licenses that require a carcass coupon, such as those for antelope, bear, deer, elk, mountain lion and turkey can be purchased at the Cheyenne GFD headquarters, a Game and Fish regional office or an approved Game and Fish licensing agent. All other duplicate hunting license types can be purchased at any of the above mentioned places or online. Licenses previously purchased online may be re-printed at no additional charge. There is also a toll-free number to call to request that a duplicate hunting license affidavit be mailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All throughout the United States, hunters safety classes must be completed in order for applicants to obtain their desired hunting permits and stamps. Failure to take this specific course will result in the rejection of your hunting license request, thus requiring you to start over.
Depending on your state of residence, you may be able to buy hunting licenses in a variety of ways, including online (through your state department’s portal), by mail, by phone or in person. Choose the option that is most convenient for you. Make sure to also have any type of official documentation and payment for fees on hand.
No. Different states have different limits and regulations on hunting licensure. Certain animals may be considered “prohibited species,” whereas other animals may be legal to hunt, so long as you have the necessary hunting permit/stamp. Keep in mind that if you do hunt for any type of prohibited species, you will be subject to serious consequences.
Yes. States typically offer various short-term hunters license options, such as one-day and one-week passes, to those who do not meet residency requirements. In order to receive issuance of a short-term hunting license, make sure to get in touch with your state/hunting wildlife department to find out the available methods you have to apply.
In the event your hunting credentials are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, contact your state hunting/wildlife department to order a hunting license replacement. You may have to make an in-person visit to a local office to complete the process. At the time of your replacement request, you may be asked to present your state driving license or another type of identification.
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